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Do You Want Your Own Hot Selling Product Without Writing A Word From Scratch?

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

As marketers growing an affiliate business it is often frustrating as we have so many things we need to get done that it eats up days and weeks and can lead to disappointment!

When you have put so much work into building your business for little to no results.

Just ask any successful online marketer and a majority of them will tell you that selling your own products is the quickest way to build your email list and make more money.

Introducing Your Very Own Training Product That You Can Brand, Edit And Resell For 100% Profits

Create A Passive Income & Makes You Look Like A HERO

This product isn't just another cookie cutter type of eBook; it's a full-blown course with strategies and tactics I currently use in my affiliate marketing business.  It also contains a supplemental Checklist, MindMap and Resource Guide so that you and your customers can take action with this course, rather than leaving it to collect digital dust.

When you get this PLR package you can expect nothing but top quality content.  I have made this package so good that I would release it as my own and launch it to the public.

Here are a few reasons you need to get this PLR package today:

  • High Quality Content

    You can be assured that my content produced is 100% original and unique.

  • Professional Designed Graphics

    This package includes eCovers, mini site, banners, bonus page template and more.  PSD files included so you can edit this graphics pack.

  • Full Squeeze and Sales System Included

    All the sales material is included and done for you.  Just add your payment processor and get ready to collect your money.

  • Quick and Easy Setup

    All you have to do is update a few details with your own information to brand as your own.  Then just upload the files and you are ready to make money!  I have even provided step by step instructions.

Get Started NowSignup Now and start learning the system in 30 seconds

Here Is Exactly What You're Going To Get Inside This Package...

Component #1: High Quality Training Guide With PLR


The training guide called is Affiliate Commission Formula.  This is a completely new and unique guide that shares unique and proven strategies to grow and increase your affiliate commissions.

This guide describes step-by-step, how to start an thriving affiliate marketing business or take an existing affiliate business and increase its commissions exponentially.

This is not just another eBook filled with cookie cutter affiliate marketing theory.  This guide is packed with current strategies that I use in my affiliate promotions today to make big commissions and get on leaderboards.


You can rest assured knowing that this training guide was written by an actual affiliate marketer who knows what is working and not an outsource ghostwriter who is just researching the topic.

Here Is What's Included:

  • Over 11,000 words (50+ pages) of "how to", step-by-step content. 100% unique and original.
  • Editable DOC file included so you can edit and rebrand the training guide any way you wish.
  • Beautiful images throughout the book to keep your readers engaged
  • PDF format included

Take a look the eBook below and see for yourself just how stunning the quality is...

You get this training guide in PDF format so that you can resell it right away as it is.  I have also included the WORD document so you can edit, retitle it, rebrand and put your name on it as the author so it becomes part of your digital asset library.

Misc-acrobat-pdf-icon Office-word-doc-icon

Component #2: Affiliate Marketing Checklist

checklistI am also including a jam packed checklist that your customers can go through as soon as they are completed with the training guide. This will come in handy for when your customer so they can refer to it quickly so they can take immediate action.  They can print it out and account for all the steps.


Just like the training guide you can edit and rebrand the checklist.  The original source files are included.

Misc-acrobat-pdf-icon Office-word-doc-icon

Component #3: Affiliate Marketing Resource Guide

resourcesThis affiliate marketing resource guide is like a little black book of tools, resources and more.

Topics include:

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Traffic Sources
  • Autoresponder Platforms
  • And More!

You get the source files to this guide too so you can add some of your own resources here too.  You can monetize this resource guide with your affiliate links to generate some more money!

Office-word-doc-icon Misc-acrobat-pdf-icon

Component #4: Affiliate Marketing MindMap

MindMapIncluded in this package is a visual MindMap overview to give your customers a bird's eye view of the affiliate marketing business model.

Not everyone learns the same way...Some people need to see it to understand it.

Just like everything else in this package you have Full PLR rights to this MindMap so you can rebrand as your own.


Component #5: Monetized Affiliate Marketing Giveaway Report

reportBuilding an email list and getting your subscribers to know and trust you is the first step in creating a loyal following.

This Done For You special report will allow you to kick start building your email list with killer content...

This report will help to build your brand and credibility with your new subscribers.

It could take you weeks to create your own free report like this one and hope to attract new leads.

This report is in-demand and people want this information.  Statistics have shown that offers that include "Top 10 ways..." or similar and are ODD numbers convert better than other titles.

This is a HOT Lead Magnet To Grow Your List!

You get Full PLR Rights and can rebrand this report any way you like.

Misc-acrobat-pdf-icon Office-word-doc-icon

Component #6: Ready To Go Squeeze Page


What good is a report that can build your list without a high converting squeeze page?

With this ready to go squeeze system you will get a professionally designed squeeze page that will convert the traffic you send to want your offer and subscribe to your email list.

Not only that I have included a Thank You page so that you can deliver your special report to your subscriber. You can monetize this page and start making money with your squeeze funnel.

Imagine you getting paid for just adding people to your list!

This squeeze page system is super easy to set up and you can customize this any way you want. (I will even show yo how to do it)

You have FULL Private Label Rights to this squeeze page system!

Component #7: Ready To Go Sales Letter and Thank You Page

Reseller-Sales-PackageYou can start selling this as your own product right away using this ready made sales system.

No need for expensive copywriters because you have a professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You Page already done for you.

Literally all you have to do is put your name on it, add your payment link and you can start selling this right away!

Component #8: Professionally Designed Graphics with PSD Files Included


Having good high quality graphics are a key element to your marketing.  If you don't have professionally created graphics for your products and business people won't take you seriously and you won't get the attention you need.

I have had this entire graphics pack created just for you so that everything looks stunning and captures the attention of everyone.

You'll get eCovers, squeeze page graphics, sales letter graphics, banner images and more along with all the source graphics so that you can edit them as you need.

You can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or alternatively GIMP (a free software available to download online) – add your name and URL, change the title, change the colors… it’s totally your choice!

Picture-png-icon Picture-jpg-icon Adobe-photoshop-psd-v2-icon


Component #9: Ready To Go Follow Up Email Series

Status-mail-read-iconNow that you have a squeeze page system that is bringing you leads you need to automate the entire system with this email series I put together to continue to build your relationship with your new list and continue to get them back to click back to your upsell offer and turn them into customers.

Inside these 5 follow up emails I have included very

Component #10: Private Label Rights License Pack

When you purchase this package you will get the private label rights, master resell rights and resell rights licenses.


Use These Money Making Ideas When You Purchase This PLR Package

  • Sell Affiliate Commission Formula As Your Own
  • Use the content in this package to create a membership site and earn a monthly income
  • Use this training guide to grow your affiliate marketing business
  • Use it as an AWESOME bonus for your products and promotions
  • Use the content to post to your blog to keep your readers coming back
  • Use it to create a Coaching Program and use the PLR content as the curriculum
  • Integrate the product onto your JV partners membership sites to create special bonuses and build your email list
  • Add more value to your existing products by adding the content from this PLR Package
  • Add this as an UPSELL or One Time Offer to your current sales funnel

Don't Just Take My Word For It...Check Out What These People Are Saying About It!

What can I say... It's a cut above the rest!...

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Ann Valla White

Why Is This Training In Such A High Demand?

It is impossible to ignore the statistics that Affiliate Marketing is a viable business and neglecting this source of income means that you are leaving money on the table.  Take a look at this screenshot of products that are being sold in the JVZoo marketplace about how to be an Affiliate Marketer...

Just looking at the pure numbers you can see that Affiliate Marketing needs to be an integral part of your business.  Marketers are always looking for updated and new information to get the upper hand when it comes to being an affiliate.

The strategies outlined inside Affiliate Commission Formula are ACTUALLY used by me currently inside my affiliate marketing campaigns and allows me to make HUGE profits and get on many leaderboards to win extra cash!

With this PLR package you use it to increase your commissions AND sell it to your customers for 100% Pure Profit!

Right Now You Have Two Choices...

Your first option is to create your own product.  There is nothing wrong with that and having a digital asset library is the foundation of a solid marketing business but this can be very time consuming and expensive depending on how you create it.

If you do all the work yourself you will pay with time.... If you outsource all the work you will pay with money.

Creating your own product you will need to write the content, write the sales copy, create your graphics, etc, etc...  Even if you decide to outsource some or all of this you could easily pay $2,000 or more.

The second option is to Invest in Affiliate Commission Formula With FULL PLR RIGHTS.

You get a High Quality professionally created, up to date product that is in demand and people want that you can start selling IMMEDIATELY!

No need to spend weeks creating your product or waiting for your content to be created.

You can be set up and live as soon as you click the buy button below for MUCH less that what you'd spend if you tried to create the whole thing yourself.

Premium Fast-Action Bonus If You Take Action Today

Fast Action Bonus #1

Incredible PLR Quick Start Guide

3d-Cover-2Your time is valuable and I know you are excited to get started as soon as possible, so I have put together this guide on how to set everything up quickly so you don't get confused.

I'll show you:

  • How to edit, customize and rebrand the eBooks and resources and convert them to PDF
  • How to edit the sales pages to ensure you can start getting paid right away from sales
  • How to customize the graphics
  • The tools you will need to rebrand your new product
  • And a whole lot more!

$27.00 Value.  Yours for FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Incredible PLR TURBO Quick Start Orientation Webinar (Valued at $97)

webinar_revisedSometimes it's just easier to watch and learn.  That's why I have put together this webinar to get you up and running quickly.

In this detailed webinar training I will show you everything you need to know to set up your awesome new sales funnel in record time.

This is like getting your own coach to show you exactly what you need to do.  I have made sure that every steps is described as clear as possible so that all the guess work is taken out of setting up your new PLR package.



This product is backed by my IRON CLAD money back guarantee for 30 days. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason just send me your receipt and I'll refund your purchase 100%. No bullshit hassles, no questions asked.

You'll be up and running
just minutes from RIGHT NOW!

Trevor has left no stones unturned... He will show you how to differentiate your self from other marketers.

Shreya Banerjee

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To Your Success,

Trevor McHaffie

Real Words Straight From The Mouths Of Students & Clients

"It gives you everything you need to get started" ~Jeff Caravates

If you're a newbie to Affiliate Marketing or you've been around the block a bit, and still aren't making any money, then you need this product to help you to start making money. Trevor has a winning product, written in plain, easy to follow language. Give yourself the extra hand you need now.

Gail Brisco (Mrs B) - www.positivelypractical.com

Gail Brisco, Positively Practical

"Trevor has a winning product, written in plain, easy to follow language."
~Gail Brisco


Your course has all the answers that I wished for when I started promoting various affiliate products last year.

This course is packed with valuable information that will offer value to anyone who wants to participate in affiliate marketing.

The PLR rights that accompany this course will be invaluable to anyone with a coaching program. Too much time is spent repeating the same answers to common questions.

Quality is the name of the game in courses that come with PLR rights. You have included reams of information in an well-organized format that is easy to use.

Too many courses leave the student with a set of disconnected pieces and assume that the "how to" has been taught somewhere! Your course reveals the steps that will allow anyone to take the pieces and implement each piece in a working unit.

I look forward to promoting your newest gem!

Well done!

-- Mialei J. Iske

Mialei Iske, Rhapsody In Prose

"Your course has all the answers that I wished for when I started promoting various affiliate products last year."
~Mialei Iske

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