Discover The ‘3 Step Formula’ To Go From Zero In The
Bank To $10k A Month Without Spending A Single Penny On Ads, That Just Takes 30 Minutes A Day


You Are About To Discover

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone just follows the same formula to get results…

The same method that anyone can use right now to start getting results and making their first dollar online.

To making $10k+ a month online…

And even though they all use the same three step formula…

They teach the same rehashed methods that were out of date 5 years ago…

Have you ever asked what sets them apart?

Why do they get success and you haven’t…

What is their secret, their strategy, what are they doing that is working today rather than a few years ago….

Well, I’m here to argue they all follow the same 3 step formula that gets them results…

Hi I’m Trevor Mchaffie,

And I’m here to expose the 3 step formula that allows anyone to go from zero to six figures even without any prior experience. 

It wasn’t too long ago where I would be scrolling through Facebook looking at all the super affiliates cashing in and reaching those leaderboards.  

I was sitting there angry and jealous wondering why I just kept failing.  I would keep trying day after day and seeing no results.  

I would get email after email promising me the next best thing, and out of frustration I would pick up my credit card and buy, praying that this would be the solution to just pay the bills at the end of the month.

After talking to a few marketers and looking at how they were doing things rather than what they were preaching… 

I uncovered there three-step formula that gets results again and again…

Do You Want To Know

This Secret Strategy Is?

Step one:

They Start Small

They skip the overwhelm of building complicated funnels and trying complicated systems to get the ball rolling. Instead they find a dead simple system to get results in the shortest way possible on a shoestring budget… 


They then move onto step two…

Step two:

They Use A ‘Fast Results’ Method

Ditching the complicated systems they start small, and aim for little wins such as making an extra $10 a day, then $20, scaling it up to $100 a day. 

They focus on one method, test and tweak until they start to get results and then they just scale it up by increasing the traffic.

The affiliate marketing model is commonly used as there is no overhead, you can get started for free as there is no products or inventory, you just presell traffic and get them to click a link.

Dead simple when you know what you are doing… right?

They then implement step three that takes them to $10k a month. 

And that is by….

Step three:

They Package Up Their Method And Sell...

This is where the big money is, using the results they got they start to create their own product which they sell as their own case study to build their own buyers list. A hungry list of their own customers that are proven to buy before that will continue to buy from them again and again..

This is where the real money is….

And this is how they make all the money from the income shots that they show…

But There Is A Problem....

It is very difficult when your brand new to get the ball rolling….

You can’t create a product teaching how to make money online…

When you yourself haven’t had any success yet…

And you can’t scale to $10k a month without a red hot list of buyers who are proven to buy…

Rather than just get the free report….

At the start….

It Is Hard To Make That First Dollar Online

Never Mind $10k A Month.

It’s true…

There are 101 ways to make money on the internet. 

From affiliate marketing, to info products, freelancing, consulting, social media management to selling teddy bears on etsy.

It is easy to get bogged down with all the different strategies that newbies often get overwhelmed, stressed and ultimately give up….

Some may even keep going…

Buying a ‘new cutting-edge strategy;, work on it day and night and struggle to see any results, and so on and on they go back to the drawing board where they learn something else, apply something else and get NO RESULTS…

Because the method made a fortune in 2005…

Not today.

This Is The Same Problem

That I Would Run Into….


It’s a never-ending cycle and yet some get results and graduate to step three, teach their method. 

Where they sell their own product and build a red hot buyers list and make huge commissions daily. 

By sending out a quick email…

And making money the same day, 

Can you imagine just waking up….

You go downstairs, you grab yourself a cup of coffee. 

You fire up your laptop,

You load your autoresponder, spend the next few minutes crafting a quick email that takes just ten minutes a day…

You press schedule and send….

And that is your work day done, 

Through the day you get notifications on your phone. 

More money coming in. 

Until you make more by that one email than you would have from your day job.

Does It Seem Far Fetched?

Think About This...

You’re seeing this sales page right now…

But where did you come from? 

Which email brought you here….

We both know as marketers that the list you came from will get the commission if you choose to invest in yourself today…

Do you remember the email?

How long do you think it took them?

How many are on their list?…

This isn’t some rehashed method, this is the method that is used daily…

Because it just plain works! Are you fed up with the ‘gurus’ having all the fun? 

Well fear not because I am about to share how to build a list of red hot buyers that you send an email and make money…

Without building a single product…

But ….We Are Not There Yet...

We need to get something off the ground and start small…

To make an extra $10 a day and scale up to $100+ a day or more. 

So you can share your success and build that buyers list. 

You see when I got started, 

I used affiliate marketing using a unique method that still makes me money today that anyone can replicate without any prior experience or spending a single penny in ads. 

Great for making that first dollar online…

And building ‘assets’ that will make scaling that much easier.

It Is After That Initial Success Where You Then Focus On Sharing Your Method, And Start Building That Buyers List.

The Ultimate Asset.

And it is here where I have made it A B C easy. 

You see instead of trying out different methods until you finally see some success, instead of banging your head against a wall and wasting countless hours while emptying your bank account trying to get something off the ground. 

Simply follow along and use the same method I continue to use to get initial success with affiliate marketing. 

And then scale up and sell the same product that will get you results with affiliate marketing as your own to build that buyers list and start to become a super affiliate….

This removes all the overwhelm and stress of trying to get something off the ground and scaling…

With This You Can...

It couldn’t be any easier to start to get your business off the ground and start making real money online. 

Simple follow along step by step using my guides, checklists and videos to aid you through the process where you simply learn what you need to do next, implement and start to get real results.

It Is The Same System That

My Students Use To Get Results,

Take A Look At What They Had To Say

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John Doe
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John Doe
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John Doe


Here Is What You Are Going To Get...

Affiliate Marketing Takeover Ultimate Blueprint

You will get the same blueprint that I use to make $x with affiliate marketing. Designed in a step by step format, so that anyone can load this up on a single tab and implement on the second tab.This is the ultimate ‘cookbook’ to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch. 

By the end of this blueprint you will know exactly what to do from A to Z on how to set up an affiliate marketing business in just a few minutes a day. 

As well as that you will get full PLR rights to the product to sell as your own and keep 100% of the profit. Not only will this fly off the shelf but WOW your customers too and give them results.

This will build massive trust with your brand new subscribers where they will continue to open your emails and buy again and again.

Affiliate Marketing Takeover Ultimate Checklist

Designed in a ‘do this-do that’ way. This is the ultimate resource to follow along, implement and get results. Making sure you don’t leave anything out.  This will allow anyone reading to build a business from scratch.

Again this is yours to sell as your own that could be a great bonus for your product.

Complete Set Of Training Videos With Slides Included.

On top of the step by step blueprint, you will also get all the step by step training in video format catering to all types of learners who would watch a video and then implement. 

Anyone with access to the videos will be able to follow along step by step and build an affiliate marketing business in just a few short days. 

Complete with the slides you can instantly sell this video course as a stand-alone product or increase the value of the blueprint and increase your conversions.

You will also get all the funnel pages that will make selling this product as your own a breeze including….

Responsive Squeeze Pages And Thank You Page.

You will get a converting squeeze page that will look good and CONVERT on any device. This is where you should start sending traffic so you can instantly build the number one asset your list. With this deployed all you need to do is implement my traffic hacks inside Affiliate Marketing Takeover to start to flood your new squeeze page with red hot subscribers.

Hot Of The Press Lead Magnet

No squeeze page is complete without a red hot lead magnet that will pull visitors in eager to give you there an email address so you can start to follow up. Simply deploy this to make your squeeze page convert more than using weird curiosity hooks that just plain do not work in today’s market. 

Responsive Money Raking Sales Page.

You will also receive a done for you sales page that is designed to turn your new eager subscriber into red hot buyers using proven psychological triggers that will compel them to whip out their credit card and buy. 

Along with those income screenshots that you will get with affiliate marketing 

The sales page will sell it self

building that buyers list…

Promo Email Sequence

Swipe and deploy these ten done for you email swipes that will presell the done for you product that teaches step by step how to make affiliate marketing work in 2020. 

Just load them up in your autoresponder and as soon as someone becomes a subscriber they will automatically get sent an email to pre-sell the offer.

Where they will then go to the sales page and buy.

10 Html Bonus Pages.

Maximize your commissions with these done for you bonus pages designed to get people off the fence and get people buying from your link by using this product as an incentive.

Simply insert your affiliate link and double the value of the product you are promoting. This will work great when promoting traffic and affiliate marketing courses.

Graphics Pack

Grab attention with your offers with this done for you graphics pack, designed to catch the eye and hold the reader’s attention for longer, increasing the chance they will read on and buy. 

With the graphics pack you can use in anything you want where you can dazzle up your own squeeze pages and offer pages. 

You Will Have Anything You Need To

Grab your  Affiliate Marketing Takeover PLR bundle below,

sell as your own and keep 100% of the profit.

What Others Are Saying About
Affiliate Marketing Takeover PLR BUNDLE

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John Doe
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John Doe
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John Doe


Grab your  Affiliate Marketing Takeover PLR bundle below,

sell as your own and keep 100% of the profit.

Oh And If You Take Action Today

You Will Get These Bonuses


PLR Quickstart Guide  $97 Value  

I want you to get up and running as quickly as possible so I am including this Quickstart Guide I put together.  This will show you The FAST and Easy way to set up your system to get immediate action and results.  Unleash the power of the Affiliate Marketing Takeover bundle!


Social Media Content Kits  $197 Value  

Social Media Content Kits are fully complete content packs that will enable you to get fresh new content out to your following on the top social media platforms.

I had these kits professionally created for you so all you have to do is schedule and post the content. Simple!

The kits include a complete blog post, presentation slides, graphics, social media descriptions and tags, plus a lot more.  And these kits are directed at affiliate marketing topics that fit exactly when you implement the Affiliate Marketing Takeover system.


My $50K Launch Strategy  $297 Value  

Inside this exclusive backstage discussion I was recorded revealing all my top golden secrets that allowed me to generate over $50,000 in sales during a product launch.

Listen in and implement my strategies to grow your online business using the Affiliate Marketing Takeover system during Step 3!


Exclusive Interview  $297 Value  

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed about my online entrepreneurial journey.  I have gone into detail about some of my most kept secrets and some of my roadblocks.

I am including this as a special bonus so you can learn from my success and mistakes to get you “quick wins” as fast as possible.

Grab your  Affiliate Marketing Takeover bundle below

Do You Want To Know

This Secret Strategy Is?


And what’s more, if you are not 100% satisfied if you pick up your copy of Affiliate Marketing Takeover and you don’t like the content inside and you don’t think it’s a good fit for your audience, or for some reason this ready to go funnel just won’t convert for you. Simply email me in support and you will get 100% of your money back guaranteed within 30 days. 

You are locked in with my 30 days no questions money-back guarantee, simply implement the information inside to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch, then sell the product as your own, and if you are happy and finally starting to see some results then simply do nothing. But if in your first 30 days you are still not seeing any results, email me and you will get your money back guaranteed.

If You're Reading This Far…

You're In One Of These 2 Camps

You’re either….

Happy where you are, you have a huge list where you just spend ten minutes of your day sending out a quick email and making anywhere from $50 to $350+ a day.

You have quit your job and live life to the full, you travel often and truly experience what life has to offer…

And you’re just looking at the sales page to see if you want to promote it to your list…

Or you’re in camp two…

You’re banging your head against a wall trying to get something off the ground, 

You’re overwhelmed by the different methods and you just want something to make that little bit extra at the end of the month…

You have dreams to scale…

You want to build a buyers list of proven customers who love your content where you can hit them up, send them an email promoting the next step in their journey and make more money than most do in their  jobs…

If you’re in camp two 


Then quit the overwhelm. 


Start small, use a ‘fast results’ method to get something off the ground and scale fast with your buyers list. 


Remember I’ve made it A B C easy..


Use my proven methods to get started in affiliate marketing


And then sell the product as your own, keep 100% of the profits and build that buyers list.


Get started below.

Grab your  Affiliate Marketing Takeover bundle below

To Your Success…

Trevor Mchaffie

P.S if you’re one those people who have just scrolled right to the bottom to check out the price.

Let me tell you what you are going to get. You’re going to get the same three step method that gurus use today. Where you get some quick wins with affiliate marketing and then sell the method as your own and keep 100% of profit while building a buyers list.

So you can spend ten minutes a day, sending an email and making money.

P.P.S don’t forget that you’re locked in to my 30-day money back guarantee try it out and for the first 30 days and if you think this won’t change your life get your money back guaranteed!